Please note the Parish Council usually meets the last Thursday in every month bar December. Please consult the web site/Notice Boards for date of any meetings.

The telephone numbers are all prefixed 01746

Members of the Council are as follows:-


Parish Councillor-Ann Broomhall- Moors Farm, Oreton DY14 8RH Tel  718643


Parish Councillor -John Derricutt, Middlehouse Farm, Oreton DY14 8RS  Tel  718678


Vice Chair – Neil Sutton , Little Stocking, Oreton Road, Oreton  Tel  718026


Parish Councillor-Jim Workman, Wild Orchid Cottage, The Foxholes, Oreton DY14 OTP Tel 718704


Parish Councillor-Ian Elwell Wheelwright Cottage, Farlow, Shropshire DY14 0RG

Tel: 718845   email:

Parish Councillor – Helena Hale, 9 Cramer Gutter, Oreton, Kidderminster DY14 OUA

Telephone 01746 718012       email:

Parish Clerk –  Derick Bromley, 2 Lane’s End Cottages, Farlow DY14 0RH  Tel 718062


Lengthsman – Anthony Harman Tel   01746718945